Popcorn Machine Placement Program


A Popcorn Machine can be a pain in the neck to own. It gets dirty. It’s hard to clean.

What do you do when it breaks? Have that “guy you know” fix it? Buy a new one? How many have you bought in the last 5 years?

Don’t get me wrong, Popcorn is an awesome snack.

For bars and restaurants it drives drink and appetizer sales. Popcorn is the “gateway” food, it leads to MORE FOOD. We find that popcorn can boost drink sales as much as 20%.

For All Businesses it provides a delicious and healthy snack for your customers while they wait or as a treat that thanks them for there business.

It’s just that machine. Valley Popcorn takes the hassle out of owning a machine. You don’t own it. We do. That means we clean it and fix it. That’s right, if the machine gets dirty or breaks, call us and we bring you a replacement. We use only the best machines, Cretors. You probably wouldn’t buy one this nice.

No Contracts. Try our Popcorn Program for a month. If you decide to keep the machine, its use is free. You only pay for the popcorn, that’s it.

Still wanna keep your old popper.  Just call. Let’s work out a deal to get it clean. Then you can buy some really good corn.

DON’T HAVE A MACHINE? No Problem, we have one for you.


The only requirement is, you must buy all popcorn supplies from us.

Our Most Popular Machines

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